The Importance of Internships!

Just read this great post about internships! Thought everyone should check it out because it contains many great aspects of the experience that I agree with.


In my last blog post I mentioned how PR is becoming more and more competitive, so standing out above all the other PR students and graduates is very important. I wrote about how blogging is one method of getting your name and your skills out there, but gaining practical experience through internships and work experience will also put you a few more steps ahead.

Step 1: It’s alllllll about the experience

When a potential employer is looking at your work history, they’re far more likely to look fondly upon those who have relevant work experience. Sure, making coffee every day is fab experience, but when working for a PR agency, experience within the actual PR field is more likely to you noticed.

Step 2: Build that confidence right up

If you’ve had a few weeks experience here and there of PR-y work, you’ll find it comes far more naturally when…

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