High School Rules

High School Rules

I came across this quotation today, and decided that I loved it. I have found that much of what is said in this post is true; many things can make you fall, can embarrass you and prevent you from acheiving what you want. Sometimes you cannot trust people, and you will tell a peson you trusted one thing and suddenly it is blown out of proportion and spread to everyone. There are pre-set rules of high school that are thrown at you from every angle.

But that does not mean you have to follow those rules. Even if there are limitations to what is socially acceptable or not, that does not mean you let it control how you act or what you do. Stand up for yourself, let your voice be heard, don’t succumb to peer pressure. But if you do decide to step past boundaries people less smart and courageous than you decided to thrust upon adolescent society, be prepared.

I do not let others tell me what I can and cannot do, but I don’t always rub it in the faces. Just because you aren’t like someone doesn’t mean you criticize how they choose to act and spend their time. Being yourself takes not only bravery but also intelligence. I’ve learned that sometimes, you just need to let others come to their own demise through their actions; let them do what they think is right, because they need to learn from consequences. Just like others telling you what to do makes you angry and hold all the more tightly onto your beliefs, your peers think they are right and will always be right. They do not even comprehend that there is life beyond the four years of high school; let them make stupid decisions and hide their true selves. One day, they will look back and regret it, and they will think respect you all the more for choosing to not submit to social pressures.


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