Dealing with Obstacles

Rocks on the Beach© Jose Fuente | Dreamstime Stock Photos

A few days ago, I published a small post that centered around Prescott’s quotation, “Obstacles are often just stepping stones.” This post is dedicated to elaborating on that quotation and how you can apply it to your high school career.

Throughout not only high school but also the entirety of your life, you will face many challenges. Whether you fail a test, are embarrassed when reprimanded by your teacher in front of your peers, or don’t get on the basketball team, you have to be able to cope with these setbacks or you will never succeed. Facing obstacles is difficult and trying, but the growth of yourself as a human being depends on it. How can you expect to be the best person possible if you’ve never encountered undesirable or unfavorable issues but possessed or learned to have the strength and determination to rise above it?

High school can, as to not beat around the bush, suck. Embarrassment, rejection, and failure are just a few of the setbacks we face over the course of those four years. They seem like the biggest, most mortifying problems to ever happen at the time, and make
us more anxious and embarrassed than we deserve to feel after it occurs. Think about it this way; whenever even a tiny humiliating event happens to us, like having food stuck in our teeth or our hair look messy, we tend to brood over it for the rest of the day. But if it happens to one of our peers, if we notice it at all, we do not think about it nearly as much as we do when it happens to ourselves. It becomes just a passing thought in a sea of other; we pay more attention to what is happening to us than other students. If something horrifyingly troublesome ensues, always remember that it does not matter nearly as much to other people as it does to you. Even if you are the main topic o conversation in the halls for a day or ever a week, everyone will forget after a while. It will be a distant memory you recall when looking for a good laugh, and nothing more.

Look at the pictures at the top of the page of the rocky beach. Zoomed in, each rock seems very large and powerful, but if you zoomed out the photo, the rocks would seem very small, almost insignificant. You could walk past them and almost never remember what they looked like or felt like under your bare feet. Yet they are not nothing, not irrelevant, because without them, there would be no beach to journey on or walk through to the end of the shore. Even though we do not remember what they felt like later, or just faintly in the backs of our mind, they did cause us to think or do something. Some were sharp, and made you wince in pain or bite your lip, leaving a mark on your foot. Others were smooth and dull, not influential enough to remember clearly later but still very important in the beach of life. Each stone is very big in some ways, but very small in others. And just like those rocks, the obstacles we face change us in different ways, and make us gather a different emotion each time.

These obstacles we face are momentous and consequential, yet not in the ways we sometimes fear. They teach us valuable lessons and change the person we are depending on how we either conquer or surrender them, yet do not change our lives completely. What we take from them is so much more important than what transpired in the first place, no matter how shameful at the time. Our obstacles are what pave the way to being a better individual and having a brighter future, but it all depends on how strong we are and our ability to persevere and never lose hope. They are just stepping stones; one passes and we reach another. If we let ourselves run over each step but not take anything from the experience, we will never be able to leap over the next one. Remember, not all of the scratches and bruises received from occasionally falling over those steps last forever, but the few scars that are left make up who we are.


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