Quote of the Week #1

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.ā€
-Mark Twain

Quote of the Week #1

I chose Twain’s quote this week because it truly applies to my life right now.

I’ve realized one of the things I most need in high school is good friends. They can make you laugh when you’re down or when you’re in an agreeable mood anyway. Also, being surrounded by people you only tolerate will never compare to being with friends.

Good books are also vital in the maintenance of my sanity throughout high school. When I’m feeling particularly antisocial, bored, or procrastinative, I immerse myself within a good book. They lift my spirits, remind me of what matters, and relieve me from the stress I experience, even though most of it is unintentionally self-inflicted. Books contain the ability to let me see through others’ eyes, travel to different worlds, and be whoever I want to be.

A sleepy conscience is sometimes necessary in small doses throughout life. I always compare having a sleepy conscience to like taking a nice, relaxing bubble bath during exam week. It’s very nice and relaxing, but staying in it for too long have dire, detrimental consequences. Sometimes you need to be lazy and not “follow God’s word”; you need to mess up and realize that it’s okay, the world will go on. But being too lackadaisical and uncaring about consequences is harmful to your mind and your career, whether it’s your high school one or beyond, so only have a sleepy conscience in little, relieving spurts.

Do you have any favorite quotations you’d like to share? Comment below!


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