Some More Optimism, Maybe?

There has been far too much pessimism lately, all around me. People just cannot seem to see the world as bright, happy, and changeable if it’s not to your liking. I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf; time to see the glass as half-full, I guess!

Instead of saying, “I am so clumsy; I fall over my own two feet constantly..”, say, “I have been so friendly lately! I’ve even acquainted myself with the floor.”

Instead of saying, “No one likes me,” say, “I have been getting so much well-deserved me-time lately!”

Say “I am fantastic at missing shots!” instead of “I am terrible at basketball.”

Say “I had a great time rolling down that hill!” instead of saying, “I’m not going to be able to walk for a week after plummeting down that slope.”

Can you think of any more (maybe too) optimistic pep talks to give yourself today, instead of your usual complaints or self-criticisms? Comment below, and if you liked this post, be sure to check out more and subscribe. See you next time on Handling High School!